Annealed Wafers (200 and 300-mm)
Annealed wafers provide near-surface characteristics of epi-wafers, but at a fraction of the cost. The surface is characterized by a denuded zone, with bulk BMD providing superior gettering capability. Our proprietary annealing process eliminates surface and near-surface bulk COPs, allowing our wafers to be routinely used in applications down to 0.05µ and below. Both Hydrogen and Argon-annealed wafers are available.

Standard Prime Wafers
Although we specialize in annealed wafers, we can also provide standard Prime CZ wafers, both single and double-side polished. Our wafer expertise can supply you with both standard specifications, and the more demanding requirements of leading-edge semiconductor designs.

Monitor/Test wafers
We can offer many grades of monitor/test silicon wafers, from several Japanese suppliers. Currently we can supply from 150-mm to 300-mm wafers, both CZ and Epi. Special-requirement annealed test wafers are also available.

Solar Grade
Although solar-grade wafers have been difficult to obtain in the last few years, we occasionally are offered quantities of silicon wafers that could be used in the solar industry. Contact us to find out what is available now.

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Silicon Wafers