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Optical Fiber Sensors


Features of Nikko Hitech's optical fiber sensor:

  • 1. Multipoint monitoring for long distance of 60 km
  • 2. No electrical equipment and no communications equipment on sensor head
  • 3. Resistant to noise and thunder, explosion proof
  • 4. Actual performance more than 100 thousand unit for optical communication devices manufacturing

For detector, you can apply OTDR (commercialized product) in case of multipoint monitoring or simple amplifier which consists of LD and PD in case of single-point monitoring.

  Faraday switch:

Faraday switch is optical fiber type proximity switch based on principle of "magnetic Faraday effect" which means polarization plane rotation by magnetic field.
The reliability could be raised by eliminating moving parts from sensor head.

  Optical fiber sensors
Fluid level sensor
Rain gauge
Monitoring of opening and closing for sluiceway and floodgate
Monitoring of dropping for bridge beam
Monitoring of collapse for slope face
  Float type fluid level sensor:
  Float type fluid level sensor consists of a float containing a magnet and a faraday switch. When a float is pushed up by fluid level, it is switched by changing magnetic field.
Monitoring system of opening and closing for sluiceway
  Diaphragm type fluid level sensor:
  Diaphragm type fluid level sensor is applied a diaphragm instead of a float. The feature of diaphragm type is failure-resistance on adhesion of dust and clogging compared with float type.
We can customize a configuration of sensor head and a material of diaphragm for customer’s requirements.
  DC solenoid module:

DC solenoid module is a conversion module from output of electrical contact to optical signal with DC solenoid technology and micro-optics technology. You can realize a compact monitoring system by integrating information (gas concentration, etc.), which it is difficult to monitor with optical passive sensor, into the same system with other monitoring subjects.

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